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Summer -10
Witty Comeback
It's funny, because as I was going to get the link to put on the index-page I realised that I wasn't actually affiliated with Heather! Luckily, it was a situation quickly remedied. Now, I've been a fan of Heather's for so long I can't actually remember when I first visited her site, but I suspect it was sometime during the Jurassic area. She always makes the most amazing art. Her manipulations are always spot on and the woman uses stocks and other compositional elements in such a way that it leaves me so taken aback I don't know if I'll ever come back! Or know if I want to. Yet, the most distinguishing thing about her art is the colouring - which just continues to baffle me, it's so beautiful!

Winter -09 Daydreaming Show award
Summer -09 More Adventurous Show award
November -08 Sweet Escape Show award
October -08 Shadow of the Day Show award
September -08 Mongrel Minds Show award
July/August -08 Shattered Show award
June -08 Immortal Kiss Show award
April/May -08 Aldeib Show award
January -08 Ugly Business Show award
November/December -07 Salt'n Burn Show award
August -07 Artificial Sweetener Show award
July -07 Misplaced Moments Show award
June -07 Radiance Show award
May -07 Reflection Show award
April -07 Black Lagoon Show award
March -07 Aprilsky Show award
February -07 More Adventurous Show award
January -07 Daydreaming Show award
December -06 Comforting Lie Show award
October -06 Wieght of the World Show award
June -06 Black Lagoon Show award
April -06 Soliloquise Show award
March -06 Elucidation Show award