Do's and Don't's on the Web

There are some really important do's and do not's on the Web. Most I think are just common sense (though some people truly lack that!) but I'll try to go through some of the things that I think are important. I'll start with the don't's as they can cause the hugest problems is you do them.

Do not's
This can ruin a site! If you hot link an image from a site the bandwidth can be extended and the site can no longer be visited. Poor web-master/mistress! If you don't know what hot linking is, I'll explain it to you. It's when you put an image on your site from another person's server. Always save to your own server!

Don't do that! There's a lot of free downloads that only require you to credit them. Always credit! Have a resources page or something similar, just make sure you link back to the site where you go it from. And if you're unsure if you can take something, just *ask*. Most people I've met on the web are very kind and giving.

OK, to use some slang here and there but try to avoid any of these, you'll just come of as an immature b**tch, belive me.
- DoN't YoU jUsT hAtE tHiS?
- Text-talk in general. It's OK with a word here and there, but sentences?! No.

Huge text
It's OK to have a headline that's big, but the main text, should not be any bigger than size 2, and that's kind of big. See the following samples:
Size 1 The usual
Size 2 OK to have
Size 3 Getting big
Size 4 Do not have this
Size 5 NO! NO!
Size 6 *faints*

These are simple, just be nice.

Always give credit by linking back to the site you got it from. Just do it.

Be nice
Don't go being rude to people. Answer questions nicely, and ask them nice as well. And don't go writing rude things on tag-boards and the like. That's just tacky.

And here's just some good Web/HTML links:
Code Grrl
Webdesignskolan [Swedish]
Chosen Art - Rotating [linked] images