Colour Tutorial

Learn how to achive the right/cool colours.

I start with this image every time:

1) Through gradient maps
Go: Layer > Adjustment Layer > Gradient Map [click OK] > Gradient Editor [by clicking on the gradient]. Here you can choose whatever gradient you see fit, I went Color Harmonies 2 > Blue, Yellow, Pink. Then I put the gradient on 'soft light' like a regular layer.

2) Through variations
Go: Image > Adjustments > Variations. Here you can again do as you see fit, but here I went: Red-red-yellow-yellow-darker and ended up with this:

3) Through Color Balance
Go: Layer > Adjustment Layer > Color Balance. Here you choose as you see fit, but I went:
Shadows: -34, +17, +10
Midtones: -44, +5, +100
Highlights: +15, 0, 0
And I ened up with this:

4) Through Brightness/Contrast
Go: Layer > Adjustment Layer > Brightness/Contrast. Here you choose as you see fit, on this I chose:
Brightness: -5
Contrast: +27
And ended up with: