Still Here
... "Sit down honey." This plea further unnerved me. I couldn't remember her ever asking me to sit down like that before. Though I imagine she did when she told me about dad's and hers divorce. I can't remember...

Where Everything Feels Fine
I wake up slowly. I look out of the window right in front of my bed. Big white flakes are falling from the sky. The big oak tree in the yard below has a white winter cap. The world outside is pale white. I draw the covers just a little tighter around me, soak up the warmth and softness of them. Then I remember what day it is and I'm filled with expectation...

I Have Lost My Fangs
An Essay on the Nature of the Twilight Vampire

This essay will treat the nature of the Twilight vampire. Edward Cullen talks about wanting to drink Bella’s blood. However, the reader always knows he will not. Furthermore, Edward’s entire family – including Edward of course – refrains from drinking any human blood. There really is not much in their way of living that connects them to the traditional vampire – they do not even have fangs. Meyer has in a way stripped the Cullens of almost everything that makes them vampires – and as a result changed the symbolism of the vampire to the reader.