The Vampire Diaries (The books)

Don't Change Don't Change

Book: The Fury
Text: The Magic Numbers - All I See
Here Elena has recently been turned into a vampire. For some bizarre (but delightful) reason she's convinced that Damon is her sole reason for living and she hates Stefan. It's not easy being a new-born, hungry and all that so Damon takes care of her and makes sure she has a place to sleep while she recovers (from er... death). I've chosen to art when he's just taken her to an attic (actually, it's Alaric's but that's not important) and she'd lain down to sleep... I tried to capture that very intimate moment when he's watching over her and really taking care of her in her vulnerable state. Also, random info: when she dies she's just come from a winter prom-thing and is wearing a fancy white dress, like the model in the picture.

Oh, and the lyrics refer to how Damon wants Elena to keep on loving him even after she's turned back to "normal" and not go back to Stefan...
Size/s: 1440x900, 1280x800