No-body Said No-body Said

Featuring: Alice/Jasper
Text: Colplay - The Scientist
I began thinking (it was hard but in the end I managed to get at least two brain cells working) about what it is in their relationship that's not so very bright and shiny. The whole Jasper not adjusting to being a "vegetarian" is the first obvious thing. Alice is constantly worried for his sake - e.g. in the first chapter of Midnight Sun where Alice asks Edward how Jasper's doing. I wanted to show both how they appear and what Alice fears will be the future. In the middle I stuck Alice herself turned towards the reality while glancing back at what she fears - which is Jasper leaving their way of life and returning to his old life-style. To sort of represent good/bad I added sparkles (good) and blood (bad) on either side. The text (which is The Scientist by Coldplay which is such an Edward/Bella song I know but it actually fitted them as well ) is of course about how it's not easy living on animal blood...
Size/s: 1280x768
The Avenger She Became The Avenger She Became

Featuring: Roaslie Hale
Text: Andy Pratt - Avenging Annie
So my idea for this piece was to show Rosalie as this glorious woman of light and beauty - much like she must've appeared when she got her revenge. At the same time I wanted her to have a dangerous appearance. Really what "woman" represents in classical works - beauty and destruction. That's pretty much the left side of the piece. However, the right side is dedicated to the darkness, the inner monster that avenged the treatment she'd received. The text is supposed to be sort of the link between the two sides and make the viewer of the piece understand how they connect. I'm really sucky at putting a lot of text into a piece but I felt compelled to. They were perfect...
Size/s: 1280x768
Torture! Torture!

Featuring: Edward/Bella
Text: Stephenie Meyer - Eclipse
Size/s: 1280x768
Fuck You Fuck You

Featuring: The Cullens and the Pack
Text: Lily Allen - Fuck You
Yesterday I was sitting listening to Lily Allen and the song Fuck You came on. It then hit me that that song is perfect for Eclipse - and the feud between Wolfies and Vampires (Your point of view is medieval - Well I think you're just evil)! The cat is up by the vampires - fighting for them, and a wolf (to balance up the mountain lion) is up by the warewolfs.
Size/s: 1440x900