Breaking Dawn

Delta Delta

Featuring: Bella and family
Text: Deftones - Change
Ä (Delta) is a Greek letter. Delta is used as a sign of change. This is definite proof of that I am in fact a nerd in the very essence of the word. Because (big) delta is used as a sign of change in chemistry, math etc. So I had this idea right, where I'd let the delta represent the change in Bella's life after she met Edward.

In the middle we have vampire Bella and around her is her life. To the right is her story with Edward (the car-crash, the meadow, James and the prom [though I sort of put that in as their wedding as well, seeing as you can't see what they're wearing other than that it's fancy]). To the left is the people she'll leave behind by becoming a vampire (though, as it turned out she didn't have to leave all of them). From up down it's: Jacob, Charlie, Billy, Angela and Renee. Finally, below is her new family - all looking towards the Bella/Edward part.
Size/s: 1440x900, 1280x800, 1024x768
Sunglasses Sunglasses

Featuring: Bella, Edward and Alice
Text: Docent Död - Solglasögon (translated from Swedish) + mw own
I saw an image of Kirsten Stewart holding her hand in front of Robert Pattinson in the doorway - as if she was stopping him. Being me, a mildly odd idea formed in my head. I love thinking up everyday scenarios of their vampire life, and I know how many times I've been stopped from walking outside in certain clothes! So about 1,5 hours later, the odd idea produced this result. Oh, and it's not that I hate his sunglasses, he looks quite groovy in them in my opinion, but you know...
Size/s: 1440x900, 1280x800
Kär i en Ängel Kär i en Ängel

Featuring: Edward and Bella
Text: Håkan Hällström - Kär i en Ängel
I made this piece for a battle between Anna and I on BuffyForums, and is basically a mumbo-jumbo of symbols! It's the scene when Bella and Edward go hunting for the first time, I saw a picture of Teri Hatcher in Desperate Houswives where she looked very statuesque in a silky blue dress and couldn't resist.

As for the symbols... The shield represents how now that she's a vampire, she's strong enough to protect herself against dangers and as such is much less vulnerable. The flower behind her shows how when she becomes a vampire that she becomes her "true self", she blossoms. The clock (the 12, 1, 2) symbolises that it was only a "matter of time" before she became a vampire. The mountain of apples she's standing on represents the temptation she has and always will present to Edward. I wanted the light to look as if it came from behind her, as if she's the one shining. In addition, I made her glitter (because of the whole vampire thing). Finally, the Bambi symbolises her future prey, both representing that she's a vampire hunting and that she only hunts animals. I really tried to make it from "his" point of view in a way - show her as the goddess she is to him - which is why elated her above him and had him looking up at her. I also wanted a "northern woods-feeling" to it and added some stocks of forests and mountains in the back.

The lyrics are from Håkan Hellström, a Swedish artist. For you who don't speak Swedish they roughly translate:
I'm in love with an angel
She sees right through me
And it seems like the sun never reaches
Further than where my Bella* walks

*In the original lyrics it's Natalie
Size/s: 1440x900, 1280x800
Smuk som et stjerneskud Smuk som et stjerneskud

Featuring: Edward/Bella
Text: Olsen Brothers - Smuk som et stjerneskud
Made for a Danish-influenced challenge at Buffy Fourms, ergo the Danish text. The lyrics made me think of Edward and Bella and sort of how Edward views Bella post-vampification. Where the moon represents that she's now a creature of the night and well, the rest is sort of self-explanatory - she never ages and she's really pretty.

In my piece I wanted Bella's beauty to be the main focus of her character, sort of elfen and eternal somehow. While I wanted Edward's stalker side to be the focus of him, which is why he's really just in the dark watching.
Size/s: 1440x900, 1280x800
Afraid of Dying Afraid of Dying

Featuring: Edward and Bella
Text: Mando Diao - Gold
95% of this piece is made using a lap-top touch-pad *shudder* Which is the reason I couldn't really blend or anything - so I worked with rough edges and filters (posterize for the win!)... I've recently discovered some new retouching tools, so I actually took the time to take away any skin imperfection (they are perfect vampires after all) - it was fun! I had some fun with the stock I used two - the chess board from the playground and the restroom sign (I only used "dawn to dusk" though because I found the restroom part a bit too random - even for me ).

The text is a Mando Diao lyric, which I hope explains the piece a bit... See, the idea behind both colouring and text was to show how Bella has chosen the vamp-life and is totally loving it. And how the early stages (most prominently the part where she's turned, but other early difficulties as well - including the hunger of a new born) of vampirism aren't so bad they aren't compensated and more by finally being able to be with Edward for real. That's what "don't be afraid of dying..." is supposed to refer to. "I went gold" is a reference to their eyes and to their feelings - how she will eventually have golden eyes like him and how they're both really happy now.
Size/s: 1440x900, 1280x800