The Tudors cast

Poison Poison

Featuring: Henry/Anne
Text: Alice Cooper - Poison
The relationship between Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn intrigues me. The way I understand it, he became close to obsessed with her - so much that he more or less made up grounds for divorce from his first wife and broke off with Rome! This last thing changed England forever and was the first step in England becoming a "Protestant nation". Anyway, he did all this and then some for a woman. If that's not lust I don't know what (well, I guess it could've been love too, but where's the fun in that? Also, love without lust? Ha! Boring...).

Now, I was saving Tudors pictures and I came across this picture. I loved how dangerous it looked. I wanted to enhance that burning intensity, the lust if you may, in my piece. I went for strong and passionate colours as well as flames. For me the flames primarily stands for two things; How they are both consumed and, in the end, destroyed by their passions. Moreover, the flames are prophetic and shows what awaits them - Hell.
Size/s: 1024x768
Mistresses Mistresses

Featuring: Henry and women
Text: Louis XIV - Pledge Of Allegiance
This piece is about Henry VIII and some of his many affairs with other women. I wanted to show that he didn't only have one woman on the side, but many. Something Katherine of Argon knew but forgave as long as they were married (she didn't even want to divorce him). Furthermore, Henry wasn't that bothered by hiding his affairs - or always the children that resulted. The woman at the bottom right corner is Katherine looking up, watching Henry have his affairs with other women.
Size/s: 1229x768 1024x768
Cast Sin Court

Featuring: Cast
Text: My own
I found this amazing promo where all the characters in The Tudors is sitting around a dinner table. Then I had this fabulous idea that I'd put little thinking boxes from each person to show what they're thinking. Since all characters (except Thomas More) are more or less "bad" and there were eight characters (inkluding More) I had the even better idea that each person would be commiting a Deadly Sin! I made two versions, one where the person is "tagged" with the sin they're commiting and one without, I just couldn't make up my mind which I liked best...
Version 1: 1024x768
Version 2: 1024x768
I Meant Me I Meant Me

Featuring: Henry/Anne
Text: Marilyn Manson - Slutgarden
I've spent my day doing two things - reading English history (for fun if you can imagine that) and this piece. For such a "simple" piece it took a long time to make. I blame the jewellery... And the lace! Lace is such a pain to make! I wouldn't be sad if I never had to draw lace or jewellery again - sadly I don't think it's very escapable. I wanted Bold. Soley black, white and red gives a very strong impression. To that I really tried to use clean lines (which really isn't my style in drawing so it sort of came out half edgy half not...) to accentuate the rawness.
Size/s: 1280x768
Lose Control Lose Control

Featuring: Henry/Anne
Text: Muse - Hysteria
I got inspired by Anna's perfect pieces and decided to go for the cut off kind of composition. The plan was to have each field represent one of Henry's attitudes towards Anne. It got crowded. A bit too crowded. However, I just couldn't bare to lose any of the images... I'm too much of a softie. The part to the bottom left is where he actually loves her - well kind of. As much as a person as narcissistic and egocentric as Henry actually can love someone. The part to the upper right where he can't decide whether to love or hate her (the hand on the throat being the main part here - as it's a very passionate and caressing move yet if he just put some more pressure on it she'd choke). The main focus, however, is on his insanity and insecurity towards her. How she plays his passions, makes him weak. Despite this, he can't stand not being with her - not hunting her. She's watching him, taunting him, and he's not sure how to react towards her. Mostly, it was an excuse for me to use some new JRM pictures I found with him hugging his sweater so it kind of looked like a straitjacket and him on his knees with a sword. Totally defeated and helpless.
Size/s: 1280x768