True Blood season two

Eric/Godric Fighting Dawn

Featuring: Eric/Godric
Text: Laura Marling - What He Wrote
I love looking at body language and when drawing I always try to express feeling though postures. I wanted to find images that spoke through body language, independent of the face. More specifically, I didn't want the fact that the face was turned away to be the main characteristic of the posture, but a natural part of the rest of the bodily expression.

Thankfully I found these two images that I really loved. In the larger image of Godric he's opening his arms, embracing the sun and death. You can see his resolve, his vulnerability and his acceptance. In the smaller image Eric's devastation is perceptible - without seeing his tears or his contorted face - because he's on his knees, his back is bowed and his arms are hanging limply by his sides. While Godric, knowing he will not change his mind is standing still, firm and controlled. I did my best to accentuate the images and their feelings - but since I found them speaking well for themselves I decided to keep the surroundings fairly clean. I wanted the feeling of dawn and light to be prominent - since that's what Godric welcomes and Eric's fighting, and is eventually beaten by.
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