Smallville season seven

Jekyll/Hyde Jekyll/Hyde

Episode: Bizzaro
Text: My own
In this pice Clark is fighting an evil (bizarr) copy of himself. So Clark is angry (rage, disgust). Furthermore, the copy is also angry (irritated and, in a way, a bit envyous). So it's all kinds of angry feelings being thrown around... I tried to show the light (good) Clark vs. the dark (bad) Clark. When you speak in terms of metaphors, the sun (here represented by the sun light) most often represent good, day, men (Aries) and reason etc. While the dark is often associated with the night time, mystery, the moon (which leads to madness , but also into the femenine etc. but let's not go there just now). Anyhow, I tried to get the contrast between the two to really stand out by using colours and light...
Size/s: 1024x768