Past Layouts

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Version 1: Butterfly Angel

I like the head-banner, but I didn't know how to really use html when I created this so it looked awful. Ah well... that was the past.

Version 2: Never
I love this. Though one of my classmates asked me 'Is it made in Paint?'. I love it none the less. I made a wallpaper on the day in remembrance of the Holocaust, and I wanted to change my layout when I went over to php, so I chose to make that into a layout.

Version 3: No More Halfling
No More Halfling
This I really like. I love Elijah Wood and the pics I used for this are wicked! The light is so cool and he looks gorgeus in them, it was an obvious choise for me at the time.

Version 4: Unsure
My fav so far. I've always wanted to do something cool with gray-scale and colour in the same graphic and I've always loved outlinings (as seen in 'Never'). Plus I was going through a Heath Ledger-phase lol.

Version 5: Nynaeve
Oh, another fav lol. I so felt for a total re-make and I have this great new obsession (Wheel of Time), so I thought that I'd make something with it. The picture I used was sketched by me (original found under WoT sketches), WoT is a book-series so there's no official pictures, and I didn't feel like using someone elses. Anyhow, it took some time to change all the settings on the div-layers... I will deffo not do that anytime soon...

Version 6: Time You Enjoy Wasting, Was Not Wasted
Time You Enjoy Wasting, Was Not Wasted
Eek, I dislike this the more I see it. I had a vision of how this was gonna look and it just went kablooey. So, that really wasn't good. But hey, every layout can't be brilliant can it?

Version 7: Summer's Comming
Summer's Comming
I really needed the change. And I don't think you could get a bigger difference than what I got. From dark and (let's face it) plain, to colourful and stripe-y. I love it, but since I wanted to add lots and lots of things and change the site totally (thumbs for wallpapers etc.) it took a while before I could publish the site again and then I was allready getting bored with it... Now that I think of it the title of the layout's a bit ironic, SMG having played Buffy "Summers" for about seven years.

Version 8: Dark Wood
Dark Wood
Welcome back to the dark-side. And welcome back Elijah Wood! I was inlove with this one picture of him, I still love it. The light in the picture and how he looks away. I just felt I needed to make something of it.

Version 9: Boy-Girl
Hidious... I love the sitting Nicole picture (it's part of a joke me and Anna have as well) so of course I felt forced to make a layout with it. But eek it went. And it was up way too long (3 weeks)...

Version 10: Darling
I love this! I'm actually quite amazed at myself. Well, maybe not, but still. I'd made this wallpaper featuring Liv that I adored so I made it into this layout. I really like the "photo-automat" effect I got.

Version 11: First Kiss
First Kiss
Well, I'm in love. Probably cos I didn't have it up long enough to get bored with it (little more than a week). Anyway, I love the simplicity in this and that's that. Also I like the little side-bar with the rotating dailies-button-thingy (took me a while to get right) and the tag-board.

Version 12: I'm a Princess
I'm a Princess
I actually like this one more than the Drew Barrymore one, it's similar but I love the pink. Right now I'm (yet again) going through a Meg Cabot-phase. So... This was actually up a whole of 9 days (!) which is a lot for me now a days. But you can't really see how much I like a layout by how long it's up (compare the Nicole to the Drew!). I get bored fast and if I don't change layout within two weeks it's because I can't for some reason.

Version 13: Rooney
Ok, so this *is* my favourite so far. Forget all about Heath Ledger, Nynaeve or Liv Tyler. This is just not really like my style, but I adore it. It became better that I thought it would, cos I really didn't have any really good pictures, but I was determined to make a Rooney layout since it's my favourite bands right now. Do you think I'll have it up for more than two weeks?

Version 14: Fall
Oh, I like this! It's so 60's hehe. I'm really pleased with how the b/w and the red turned out and that's probably the reason it stayed up for so long (OK, two/three weeks). The navigation was a little hard to find though. Overall, I'm pleased and that's all I need.

Version 15: Bad Boy
Bad Boy
There's not much to say about this. I've recently fallen inlove with Veronica Mars and Logan is my favourite character. It's an OK layout. The navigation works and I'm pleased with the overall looks of it.

Version 16: Christmas
Here it is, merry Xmas! I'm really happy with this. A pink Christmas layout, I know, but it *is* Christmas-y. Besides, Tome Welling looks fab in those pictures. New navigation, I put the main navigation under the main picture and had a side-navigation for every category. To that I merged "site" with "artist" and made "links" out of "site" (confusing..).

Version 17: Lauren
I love this! It's stylish, elegant and the colours are great. In addition, it's wintery and it was up in January so that fits as well. I don't have much bad to say about this actually, sorry...

Version 18: Vartan Scribbles
Vartan Scribbles
At the peak of my Alias-phase I made this. Very inspired by my hostee Anna, and I think it works. It's different from most of the things I've made, though my layouts often are. I like it. I love the images they're funny and easy on the eye.

Version 19: Pretty Music
Pretty Music
I loved this layout. It was the most davanced stylesheed I'd done at that point and I loved the style of the header. It was really hard letting go of this, and it's one of the few layouts I look back on with joy.

Version 20: The New Boy
The New Boy
It took a long time to code this! Long, long time. It was the first layout I did with an image-footer and well, I had to learn quite some new stuff about stylesheets. The header is boring though.

Version 21: By Heart
By Heart
I wanted to get away from the Chase-layout. It was dulling me to death, so I made this. Equally dull and boring, though I put it up anyway just for the fun of it.

Version 22: Eating as a Sport
Eating as a Sport
Another of the few layouts I actually like! I've had it up for more than a week and I haven't gotten tired of it, that's a good grade. I love the colours and it's my first Grey's Anatomy-layout. The layout of the layout is very much inspired by J.J. at More Adventurous.

Version 23: The Field
The Field
I loved this! I love the movie and I love the colours. However, noone else seemed to share my enthusiasm and the layout wasn't up for long.

Version 24: Let's go Down to the Disco
Let's go Down to the Disco
Originally I had a pop-art version of this, but Anna (my right hand) thought this was better so I used this. Like it, but I never loved it. I only had it up for a few days actually.

Version 25: The Elevator
The Elevator
I adore this one! I love the scene I used and I love how the comic-book style works (I wasn't sure I would be able to make a layout out of it).

Version 26: A Favour
A Favour
I adore this one too! I loved the Grey's one, but this was just so soft and calm. A very nice layout that stayed up for quite a while. My dear friend Anna claims that it's the best of my layouts, and I almost agree with her. That the lyrics are Arctic Monkeys helps too hehe.

Version 27: Brothers
I love the wallpaper I made this out of. However, it should've stayed a wallpaper. I can't say I'm overly fond of this layout. It was only up for about a week.

Version 28: Highschool Stalker
Highschool Stalker
Oh, I like this! It's not great, it's not daring and it's not revolutionary. It's simple, clean and pretty. Just what I was going for. Also, it's got a nice warm feeling and kick ass lyrics (Hello Selfride).

Version 29: Change
Dark and twisted. Everytime I saw this layout I felt like Alexis Bledel had some personal agony against me. Still, that was the feeling I was after when I made it (it's hard not to get in that mood when listening to The Cure, Joy Division and Deftones...). Moreover, I hate the footer.

Version 30: Severus Snape
Severus Snape
What is it with me and making dark summer layouts? I love Alan Rickman as Snape and decided to make my 30th layout dedicated to him. I like parts of it, but frankly I find it a bit to simple and similar to previous layouts.

Version 31: Marilyn
I adore this! I had it up for a relly long while (due to school work) - ergo two/three months. It's very Sarah (Aprilsky) inspired. Although there's really nothing new code-wise about it :(

Version 32: Studying
I've just started a new school. It's a High School (kinda, Swedish version) and it has very high standards. I do not have a lot of time left over, which is why I made a layout so that everybody would know that's why I'm AWOL.

Version 34: Green Xmas
Green Xmas
I love green - go figure. Anyway, I didn't want to make a red christmas layout - it seemed so blah. So I went with green. I really kind of like this layout. It's not extrordinary, but it's nice and pretty. Version 34: Still Studying
Still Studying
' Sadly I accidentally deleted the stylesheet for this layout, so you can only see the .jpg. Which really takes away the effect... However, this is the layout of which I'm least proud. I actually kind of hate it.

Version 35: How I Spend My Life
How I Spend My Life
Made from a wallpaper I was particulary happy with. As always though, the layout's not as good. It's just so blah. My sence of humor went on a road trip though, which is how I ended up with the names of episodes as my categories...

Version 36: Gold
Me likey! I'm on such a Twilight trip and Emmett is awesome. Furthermore, I only used my own and Adobe default resources on this which adds to the proudness. I just overall like this layout.

Version 37: Still June
Still June
One of my favourite layouts so far. I was trying to make a layout similar to "A Favour", though I'm not as happy with this one as I was with that. The song lyrics I used were from the song "Still June" by Maia Hirashawa. It's one of my favourite songs becuase it's so sad yet strong - it reminds me very much of Bella from Twilight.

Version 38: Eyes of China Blue
Eyes of China Blue
This was up for months! The reason being school (didn't have time to change) and the fact that I never grew tired of it. I'm still not tired of it! I love the colours and the faint patterns - it's definitely on my top five layouts. Plus, the fact that it's Johnny Rhys Meyers on it is a perk!

Version 39: Rescue Me
Rescue Me
Inspired by the quote "Rescue me from the Valley of the Loons" from Georgia Nicolson's diaries. It's Chuck (Gossip Girl) who wants to be rescued from Edward and Bella's love (Twilight). The footer is Johnny Rhys Meyers and yet another Georgia quote. I just couldn't help myself!

Version 40: Folie d'Amour
Folie d'Amour
Ah, Chair love! This was originally a wallpaper but I figured I'd try it out as a layout and it worked. I think. I really like the light and the warm colours of this and it was up quite long (though my layouts usually are now since I update like four times a year.

Version 41: A case of You
A case of You
Again, this was a wallpaper. That I liked, but saw more potential in. So I re-did the colouring, tweaked here and there and came up with this. Honestly I like the layout more than the original piece! It was nice to have a Joni Mitchell song as a "theme" again.

Version 42: Not Real
Not Real
Seems like I only do layouts from wallapers now-a-days. This was mostly placed up there because I hadn't changed layout in a while and, like the doctors say: it was just it's time.

Version 43: Black'n Blue
Black'n Blue
Probably my favourite manip - that I've done - ever. I actually really like this layout, it was warm and fitted for the summer. Although, it was a bit of a shame that all of the effects I put on the pictures makes it hard to see how awesome the manip is!

Version 44: Propose
I just love that scene in New Moon (the book) when Bella laughs in Edwards face when he proposes. So I decided it was stuff for a layout - especially since the Harpers Bazar photoshoot fitted so well.

Version 45: Glovin'
It took me less than 24 hours to go from never having watched a single episode of Glee to become a full-fledged gleek. I actually really love this layout - i's very bright, fun and playful. I had so much fun making the stylesheet - trying to mix and match different fonts and colours for everything!