The Host

Release Me Release Me

Featuring: Wanda/Melanie
Cast: Christina Ricci
Text: Oh Laura - Release Me
This is portraying envy. Melanie's envy of Wanda's control of the body - she so longs to be able to control her body again, to feel like it's her people (well, Jared) are touching. It's also about Wanda's envy of Melanie - everything she has, the people that loves her, the sense of belonging that comes with humanity. Both of them wants to break free - to claim what they want, what they feel the other one possesses.

I wanted the piece to have a desperate feeling to it. Just like the photos of Christina Ricci. (I've had these photos forever, but never found a good way to use them, so I'm all giddy now because I finally managed!) We have Wanda to the right, crying because of the overwhelming human emotions, desperate because of them - you can almost see her wail. To the left is Melanie, quietly crying - the spectator, merely able to watch as someone else is controlling her body. I thought the lyrics, Oh Laura's "Release Me" was quite perfect for the love/hate relationship of Mel and Wanda.
Size/s:: 1440x900, 1280x800
Black'n Blue Black'n Blue

Featuring: Ian, Jared and Wanda/Melanie
Cast: James Marsden, Josh Hartnett, Christina Ricci
Text: Oh Laura - Black'n Blue
This was made to Chris' challenge on BuffyForums where you were supposed to draw parallells between Shakespearian texts and any fandom of your choosing. I chose to compare A Midsummer Nights Dream to The Host - where Mel is Lysander, Wanda Demetrius, Jared Hermia and Ian Helena. Now, some details about the piece... Obviously the woman is Mel/Wanda The man she's holding on to is Jared, because he is the one her body automatically wants to be close to. Then we have Ian who's jealously looking back at them - wants to interfere but can't really... I put them in a dry desert landscape because that's where most of the book takes place Then there's a light behind Wanda/Mel that I figure is like a spaceship (the alien invaders!). The car is Jared's old jeep The flower is a reference to A Midsummer Nights Dream - the flower juice Puck uses to make Lysander/Demetrius love Helena.

I wanted to focus on the mixed feelings in their relationships. Ian's jealousy, Jared's indecisiveness and Wanda/Mel's general confusion. While still pin pointing that they're all in it for the long haul - "beat me black and blue - as long as you are with me".
Size/s:: 1440x900, 1280x800
The Storm The Storm

Featuring: Ian and Wanda
Cast: James Marsden, Alexis Bledel
Text: The Cardigans - You're The Storm
I made wings of cloud to represent Wanda's freedom as a soul. She's never settled down at one planet (like many other souls), but lives one life then moves on to the next planet. She's never allowed herself to get particularly attached to a planet. Never felt the need to really. She was free. They also represent the goodness and peace that is the nature of souls. She would never intentionally hurt another living being. She's pure.

I wanted her wings to be made of white clouds because I thought that was the closest I could come to "soul". In the books a soul is a silvery shimmering substance - not the easiest to make look good in a piece of art! So I chose white clouds. Because to me, clouds have many similarities to a soul (especially Wanda). They never stay in one place, but are rather free - though can only go in the direction of the wind (the main stream). They're light and peaceful (no rain from these clouds!). Yet, they're a bit cold and hard to reach.

However, this piece is not about how peacefulness is the best thing. The opposite actually, because Wanda wasn't alive until she "became human" - and realised what it meant to be human. To love, to fear, to laugh and to cry. Ian made her realise many of these things. Made her think about what she wanted. He made her realise that there are things outside of the "regular soul way" that she wanted, needed. I thought the line "bear your fangs and burn my wings" along with "all this peace has been deceiving" really captured that. Ian (along with some other humans...) is the storm of emotions which was missing in her existence. I chose to represent the storm of emotions with fire - both because it's (to me) a very fitting metaphor and because it went well with the lyrics.
Size/s:: 1440x900, 1280x800
Killer Killer

Featuring: Melanie and Wanda
Cast: Natalie Portman
Text: Oh Laura - Killer on the Road
I re-read the book over Christmas and I was listening to Oh Laura again and I heard this line and though "hey!". The line was: She said she'd never been here, but I can feel her in the air. It made me think of when Wanda on her way to Huston (or wherever it was) stops by the road and knows that Mel's never been there - but that Mel knows where they are, and the significance of that. The first landmark to the secret human hide-out.

Then I listened to more of the text and it really fitted with Mel/Wanda - literally. I put in a stock of that landmark (because it does exist) at the bottom, it's that ragged line that keeps it from being a circle... Also, about the names: Wanda's in capital because she's the one behind the wheel, however her letters are getting smaller and Mel's are getting larger because Wanda's loosing control and Mel's increasing in strength. Moreover, I wanted Wanda to have an innocent look about her - because she's so bloody harmless. Whereas Melanie is human and much more violent, thus her expression is darker and more menacing...
Size/s:: 1440x900, 1280x800
Most of the Tme Most of the Tme

Featuring: Ian and Wanda
Cast: Ian Somerhalder and Keira Knightly
Text: Oh Laura - Killer on the Road
I thought the lyrics were fitting, because on the one side we have Ian, who's jealous ("heard you call him") but won't give up on Wanda. On the other we have Wanda, who wanted to give up her body for Mel's sake ("I thought about leaving") thus abandoning Ian but never wanted to hurt anyone, least of all him. I also wanted them to be sort of separate, because during the duration of most of the book Mel's feelings for Jared (ergo Wanda's body) does separate them. But still overlapping and connecting...
Size/s:: 1440x900, 1280x800