Gossip Girl season two

Three Syllables Three Syllables

Episode: Chuck in Real Life
Text: Chuck in Real Life
They talk around the sentence, but they never say it out loud. (Which is sort of the point^^) I wanted the "outside" and the picture of the lonely Blair to look cold and, well, lonely. Whereas, the middle where the light is (and a cap of them kissing) a bit warmer and more intense. I also skipped all of Blair's dialouge because it was mighty interrupting and a total mood-destroyer
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It Will Be the End It Will Be the End

Episode: Pret-aPoor-J
Text: Pret-aPoor-J
Here Chuck has gone to her home and he explains why it's so hard for them to say "I love you". Not because they wouldn't mean it if they did. Quite the contrary. It's just that if they became a couple by normal standards - they'd fall apart, screw it up. They need the game, the passion (which is why I added some fire stocks). So really, both want to shout "Du bist wunderbar like ze big spangleferkel" out over the rooftops of the Upper East Side, but their pride etc stands in the way. In my piece I tried to show how they think that the other is wunderbar like ze big spangleferkel but they can't admit it out loud.
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La Folie d'Amour La Folie d'Amour

Episode: The Dark Night/Chuck in Real Life
Text: Anna Ternheim - A French Love
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Can't Breathe Can't Breathe

Episode: Oh Brother, Where Bart Thou?
Text: Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Prom
I just this evening saw this episode and was so touched by Chuck and Ed Westwick's performance (which was utter brilliance if you ask me...). As I was watching this scene - which is when Chuck finally shows someone (namely Blair) his pain, sorrow and most importantly, vulnerability - I knew I had to art it. It was too powerful, too emotional for me not to! Because I knew how he felt. I recognised the look on his face as he looked up at Blair. So sad, sad beyond words and reason. And scared. And ashamed of being so vulnerable, so fragile, so utterly alone.

I wanted the piece to look fairly clean. Because when things like that happen to you, at least to me, everything stands still and you're left with a big nothingness. And although there are lots and lots of confusing thoughts swizzling through your head (Why? How? WHY?!), in the end it's just empty. Blank. Or rather, black. On the other hand, I didn't want the piece to be cold and dead. I wanted a bit of cold, which is represented by the blue. But also warmth, here represented by a light beige. Because something you discover when something like this happens to you is who your true family and friends are. The quote is from Buffy, The Prom to be exact. I've always loved it. It's one of my favourite scenes, Willow comforting Buffy after the break-up with Angel. Most of all it's true. You can't breathe. In a situation like Chuck's, it's hard to do anything...
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Home Again Home Again

Episode: Oh Brother, Where Bart Thou?
Text: Anna Ternheim A Voice to Calm You Down
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