Glee season one

Dream About You Dream About You

Episode: Showmance
Text: Kate Nash - We Get On
I've come to fall in love with Emma... She's just the biggest sweetie! This scene just pulled on my heartstrings! It's just the cutest and most intimate scene - without it actually being particularly physically intimate (which I also love...). I had some major difficulties arting this though. The caps and the scene are just not very art-friendly (at least not to me!) In the end I settled for this idea of Emma (innocent and cute as she is) doodling these lyrics (encircled by hearts and flowers of course) in a notebook and then I added the caps around that. I tried for scrapbook, and failed, but ah well...
Size/s: 1440x900, 1280x800
Put Your Hands Up Put Your Hands Up

Episode: Preggers
Text: Beyoncé - Single Ladies
I've never really tried to art people dancing before (as far as I can remember...) and it was more difficult than I would've thought. Finding good screencaps for one! Anyway, it's a pretty straight-forward piece. I chose to keep the Beyoncé lyrics, because I thought that at least some of it fitted the scene as it is and because that song is awesome
Size/s: 1440x900, 1280x800