A Rare Beauty A Rare Beauty

Film: House of Flying Daggers
Text: Ziyi Zhang - Beauty Song
Size/s: 1024x768
The Kiss The Kiss

Film: House of Flying Daggers
Text: Inara George - Fools in Love
Size/s: 1024x768
O Captain O Captain

Film: The Dead Poets Society
Text: The Dead Poets Society
Size/s: 1024x768
Where do I Begin? Where do I Begin?

Film: House of Flying Daggers
Text: Shirley Bassey - Where Do I Begin
Size/s: 15060x360
You Bitch! You Bitch!

Film: Bend it Like Beckham
Text: Bend it Like Beckham + mine
Size/s: 1024x768
Found You Found You

Film: August Rush
Text: Jonathan Rhys Meyers - Something Inside
Size/s: 1280x768
Ten of Wands Ten of Wands

Film: Control
Text: Joy Division - Twenty Four Hours
This piece was inspired by the tarot card 'Ten of Wands'. (From 'On the Ten of Wands, we see a bent figure trying to carry ten heavy poles. They are ranged so closely in front of him that he can't even see where he's going. Nothing exists for this man except his burdens and responsibilities. [...] The Ten of Wands indicates that your life is going to be tougher than usual for a time. You will have to fight uphill for every little gain. Each step will feel like a struggle.') I tried to illustrate this in my piece by including the three heavy burdens on his life - the wife (to the left), the mistress (turned upp-side-down on the right) and the band (the concert image above, framing it all) - surrounding him holding the snare that would end his life (he eventually killed himself). Everything just working against him, and himself hopeless in the middle.

The lyrics I used are of course his too. Many of his lyrics reflect his state of mind and are as such very powerful. I found this particularly fitting with the line "I never realised the lengths I'd have to go" because of the obvious struggle of the man carrying the ten wands.
Size/s: 1440x900, 1280x800