Harry Potter

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I'm Evil I'm Evil

Featuring: Voldemort (5)
Text: Franz Ferdinand - Evil and a Heathen
Size/s: 1024x768
Summerbreeze Summerbreeze

Featuring: Harry Potter (1)
Text: Emiliana Torrini - Summerbreeze
Size/s: 2863x320
Quidditch Quidditch

Featuring: Harry/Oliver/Hermione (1)
Text: The Philosopher's Stone
Size/s: 8020x20
End of My Wits End of My Wits

Featuring: Ron Weasley
Text: The Spinto Band - Oh Mandy
Size/s: 1024x768
Snape/Lily Oh So Very Lame

Featuring: Snape/Lily (7)
Text: Bell X1 - Eve, The Apple of My Eye
This piece has to do with Snape's misery and inner conflict as he's drifting away from Lily. Lily is the light in Snape's life - she's also what he ended up leaving behind as a teenager. I tried to represent this by having her standing by the (rail)road behind him, surrounded by yellow light. Dark magic, death and darkness is what would pave Snape's future. Represented in this piece by dark colours and a snake. The snake symbolises many things in this piece - temptation (I'll get to that later), Slytherin (their shield has a snake on it) and Voldemort (who was Slytherin's heir, could talk to snakes, and had a pet snake).

The music then. I focused mostly on Snape's point of view in this - but there were two lines that were so "Lily", I couldn't refuse having them! The Lily-part is "I've watched you climb; The wrong incline" which is when she sees him drifting towards the dark arts and finally says no. Which brings me to Snape's part. The "background text" is: "You left, I died, I went and you cried". This is when they stop being friends. I went I interpret as the part when Snape starts turning towards darker magics, he leaves the good side - and Lily cries over this because she looses a good friend. The first part is fairly self-explanatory, Snape - who's in love with Lily - dies inside when she breaks up their friendship and marries his worst enemy.

The "foreground text" has more to do with Snape's thoughts during their relationship - or really, any part of it He wants to have her for himself - scared to death of loosing her (which he did anyway in the end), and probably made up many plans that he never executed of how to make her his. Therefore, I thought the line "This plan of mine is oh so very lame" was especially fitting.

Finally, I wanted to incorporate "In the garden Snake was a charmin'" as well. As I said, the Snake represents many things in this piece - but I think temptation is the most important, because it incorporates all of them really It's not difficult to understand why Snape wanted more power, more authority. He was, after all, bullied most of his childhood and adolescence and longed to no longer be the weaker party. As a result, what Voldemort represented - to be part of a superior order, and be part in bringing it about - was extremely tempting. In addition, the dark arts held certain fascination, and again power was an important factor. For surely there can be no greater power than that of someone's life? Size/s: 1440x900, 1280x800
Harry/Ginny Fallen For Your Potion

Featuring: Harry/Ginny
Text: Angus & Julia Stone - Just A Boy
I love compositions, even though it's far from my strong side vis ŗ vis art. This piece is about love, and what happens when love hits you - because what is less static and more dynamic than love? Since the books are from Harry's point of view the reader knows more about his feelings towards Ginny than the other way around I focused on his emotional turmoil rather than hers (which is why she's more static - a dream in the background and the constant source of his joy, love and emotional life; but not the focus of the piece). I love this photo shoot of Radcliffe just because of the life in his body language. He's falling (in love) and he's jumping (of joy).

I added other elements of motion, a bird that's soaring away and potion that seems to be spilling. I was mostly aiming to get a sense of a fast pace into the piece - love moves fast, and once it hits you it's BAM! Your heart spills and you soar through the skies; all in one go. The colours I kept bright and I was going for a light, ethereal colour scale with pinks and blues.
Size/s: 1440x900, 1280x800
Ginny Weasley Blossomed

Featuring: Ginny Weasley
Text: The Blow - Fists Up
Simple piece about Ginny's long stuggle with her infatuation with Harry.
Size/s: 1440x900, 1280x800
Harry/Ginny Ange

Featuring: Harry/Ginny
Text: Kyo - Je Te RÍve Encore
Harry/Ginny are my favourite couple in the books - I've always loved how their relationship changed over the course of time and what they had to go through during the War is just heartbreaking. Which is partially what this piece is about but from a happier point of view. I really wanted to make something that showed how Ginny was always on Harry's mind when he was off finding horcruxes. Furthermore, how she was one of the things that he had to hope for, a light on the horizon so to speak. She was, one could say, his angel. I found a French song called "Je te rÍve encore" that had lines which translates "An angel stays an angel, if one doesn't forget it / I still dream of you, I love you." I thought this fitted quite well with Harry remembering the few days of happiness he got with Ginny as well as his longing of her. I placed the marauder's map at the edge as a representative of when Harry looks at Ginny's dot walking around Hogwarts when he cannot be with her. Also, the wings behind Ginny are obviously an angel reference. I used butterfly wings because I think that the white bird wings usually used are a bit... well.. overused. Also, I don't think they would fit Ginny as a character - she's much too colourful for that.
Size/s: 1440x900, 1280x800
Ron/Hermione Return

Featuring: Ron/Hermione (7)
Text: Angus & Julia Stone - All Of Me
So I did this last night when I came home from the pub... Just got a bit of inspiration randomly and I figured I could steal an hour or so from my precious sleep to make this. Anyway, I've been re-reading Deathly Hallows and I was just this past day reading of when Ron leaves Harry and Hermione. Originally I wanted to make a wall of Harry and Hermionie's shared pain in being parted with their loved ones (Ginny and Ron). But then these three images that I've used just looked so nice and Harry/Ginny didn't fit into the equation well so I decided to just make it a Ron/Hermione piece instead. It's absurdly simple - time and energy was not on my side. Neither was mental capacity really...
Size/s: 1440x900, 1280x800
Harry/Lily/James The Mirror of Erised

Featuring: Harry/Lily/James (1)
Text: Coldplay - 42
In the first book Mirror of Erised. Harry, having been orphaned at one, sees his family happy and surrounding him (in the films they've narrowed it down to his parents which I also did). What always pulls on my heartstrings in the books is the love that Lily and James Potter had for their son, what they did to try and protect him - and Harry's constant sorrow from the loss of his parents. People tell him stories about his parents, show him pictures - but he'll never be held by them ever again, never really know them. This scene, when he sits for hours and watch his parents' 'reflections' in the mirror is very bitter-sweet and very representational for the relationship Harry gets to have with them. After a fashion, he can see them. But they're framed, fixed and that distance will never seize to exist. Lastly, the Coldplay lyrics I found very fitting, as they portray the state one can slip into when someone dies. They're not truly gone, because you love them still and you remember them. But if you dwell too much on memories, you'll become a ghost too.
Size/s: 1440x900, 1280x800
Harry/Lily/James Whisper

Featuring: Harry/Lily/James
Text: Coldplay - Whisper
In the seventh book of Harry Potter there's one part that always makes me weep. It's when Harry visits Godric's Hollow. First he visits his parents' grave and then, when walking through the town he sees that wizards have enchanted a muggle war memorial to transform into a statue of Harry's parents holding baby Harry. I just find this scene so beautiful in its bitter sweetness. While Harry would much rather see his parents again, know them as most children know their parents - he's struck by how much his parents' sacrifice has meant to other wizards and witches.

I wanted to use colours to bring out the mood in this piece. I placed the golden light on the statue - to illuminate the importance of their role in history and how much it meant. At the same time, Harry is the focus of this piece - I wanted him to be the only live thing in the piece. I wanted to give the impression that Harry could walk out at any moment but that his surroundings are frozen. He is more focused than the statue, and his skin, hair and cloak have colours. The statue is actually grey- the light's symbolic importance isn't there other than in Harry's eyes. Furthermore, I wanted to emphasise the emotional distance by making the statue face forward and Harry gaze from a different direction up at it. By putting the statue in such a place that the statue in no way 'takes notice' of Harry, but that the statue is all that he can see.
Size/s: 1440x900, 1280x800
Ginny Weasley Zip Me Up

Featuring: Ginny Weasley (7)
Text: Ginny Weasley + Great Lake Swimmers - Your Rocky Spine
Passion and displaying affection for another person is never done solely by a facial expression (or very rarely at least). Usually you touch, you use your body language. This piece features the one scene in the entire film series where Harry and Ginny have chemistry! Aside from being a metaphor for the final goodbye, a back can also be a sign for 'I want you to come fuck me!' There is something very erotic about an exposed female back and I wanted to explore that. I wanted this piece to celebrate one of the most paradoxical and fabulous lines in film history 'Zip me up?' It implies that the person is not appropriately dressed, but wishes to become so. At the same time, luring the man into her presence while she's still exposed (thus making the man want to do the very opposite). I just love it!
Size/s: 1440x900, 1280x800
Harry/Ginny Love Me Do

Featuring: Harry/Ginny
Text: The Beatles - Love Me Do
A simple piece depicting Harry and Ginny's wedding dance.
Size/s: 1440x900, 1280x800