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Anonymous Oh No!

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This piece was originally started about 10 months ago. Not that I've been working on it since then! I just drew the sketch and scanned it back then - the piece was put on hold when I went away to uni. Now, I recently decided it's time I explore the world of Adobe Illustrator. I figured, finishing this piece would be a good place to start. I wanted to do something really melodramatic - I find melodrama to be at the very heart of pop art/comic book art. It's exaggerated and extreme. Now, personally I find red to be the most melodramatic colour in the world. Red is blood, love, anger, passion - it can be the most evil of colours and the most loving and good. But it's always extreme - it's always dramatic; even melodramatic. It's used to exaggerate the moment. Because of this I chose to do the entire piece shades red. To make it intentionally over dramatic. The girl is gasping, thinking 'OH NO!' while tears are flowing - and the entire thing is coloured in the colour of blood. What's more melodramatic than that? Lastly, I don't see this piece as belonging to any fandom. She's just Dramatic Girl. However, while I did the outlining sketch I was stealing the occasional glance at Kirsten Stewart in New Moon. Though I made some significant artistic changes and the end result doesn't really have anything to do with Stewart or Twilight.
Size/s: 2417x1772, 1440x900, 1280x800