Dollhouse season one

The Third Flower The Third Flower

Episode: Man on the Street
Text: Man on the Street
I divided my piece into three parts that I call "kicked", "kicking" and "aftermath" - I basically wanted to illustrate the major difference between ninja!Mellie and normal!Mellie. So to the left she's beaten down by dude (cannot remember his name) in the middle (which is also in b/w although you can hardly see that any more) it's Mellie kicking ass after she's gone into "sleeper mode" and then to the right I put a picture of Paul comforting a very upset (and not a little bit scared) Mellie. I wanted the "kicking" part to really be a part of it's own - which is why I made it b/w among other things. The b/w also sort of represents that it's not "real" to her in a way, it's not a part of her that she knows about nor remembers.

The quote on top is a quote when November (Mellie's doll) explains to Paul that she is a Doll (really weird right?). I added it there to sort of make it clear what was happening. The quote at the bottom is the on/off switch. It's alos the reason for the flowers (the one in the middle is green believe it or not, the one to the right is yellow).
Size/s: 1440x900, 1280x800